Gift Box

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What’s Included?

Gift box

Heat Pack

These wheat based heat packs are hand made by Remedial Massage Manuka and are perfect for relieving muscle aches. Simply 3 minutes in the microwave will activate the heat which you can then apply to the affected area.

Herbal Sports Gel Sample

Made in Germany from high quality natural herbs: Peppermint oil, arnica, chamomile, echinacea and witch hazel. It provides cooling relief of muscular arches and pains, helps prevent muscular cramps and spasms, and provides temporary relief of arthritic pain and relief of insect bites.

Massage Oil

This vial of professional grade massage oil is perfect for rubbing the aches out of your feet after a long day at work! Feel the depth of pressure that is added to a simple massage from using oil.

Epsom Bath Salts

In water, these salts break down into magnesium and sulphate, providing a relaxing home treatment for muscle aches and pains. They have been used for this purpose for hundreds of years: simply tip into the bath and reap the benefits!

Fisiocrem Sample

A herbal solution that helps relieve common muscular aches, pains, bruising and sprains resulting from everyday life or sporting injuries.

Essential Oils: Lavender

A beautiful scent that when dabbed on the skin and inhaled can provide many health benefits including strengthening the immune system and reducing mental stress and society.

Aromatic Candles

Beautiful & relaxing aromas that have been blended with soy wax and been hand poured to provide a solution to stress. Salted Caramel Vanilla and Pine Lime flavours included.

Himalayan Bath Salts

This type of salt is mined from ancient sea beds and is pure from modern environmental toxins. It provides 84 trace minerals, plus a unique ionic energy that is released when the salt is mixed with water. Benefits include supporting weight loss, detox and balancing hormones.

How Much?

Our Gift Box is valued at $75. Contact us today to find out more.